Damnoen Saduak Thailand Travel-A Brief Guide

Damnoen Saduak Thailand Travel-A Brief Guide

Damnoen Saduak Thailand Travel : Damnoen Saduak is the name King Rama IV gave to the canal he built. The project aimed at connecting two rivers; Maeklong and Taachin. At present, the area is a hub of activity. Both sides of the canal boast of providing home to millions of residents. The canal is the preferred medium of transportation in the area. It also waters the huge variety of vegetables and fruits growing there.

Getting to the place

Damnoen Saduak is just a 30 minutes drive from Bangkok. The most popular mode of transportation here is public bus. However, it may leave you one kilometer away from the place. You will have to hire a taxi from here. The ride will create a small hole in your pocket. Try to bargain as best as possible. You can also book for a half-day or full-day tour in a jeep. Whatever is your option, make sure that you are negotiating the price. If you are fortunate enough, you may bag a great deal.

If budget is a real concern, you can stay overnight at Samut Songkhram. Hire a cab from there. This perhaps is the cheapest option available.

Floating markets

The three floating markets in the place are the things that attract vacationers to the region. Here, sellers come in boats with a vast variety of items on display. Get anything you want. Fresh produce from the fertile farmlands, souvenirs; choices are limitless here.

The trade fair offers you a glimpse into the past glory of the land. Even though they may appear modernized, a history-enthusiast would definitely fall in love with the entire process.


Tips to remember

Thailand is generally a budget-friendly country. Still, a trip to the floating market can drain your budget faster than you can imagine. Remember these tips and avoid the pitfalls.

  1. Remain stern

Shopping is an integral part of Damnoen Saduak Thailand vacation. But, this does not have to create a financial emergency for you in a foreign land. Reach a clearly outlined with the driver when hiring a taxi. And, when you reach your destination, be prepared to handle an attempt to increase the charge.

  1. Decide a market in advance

Don’t agree to your driver taking you to any shop. He receives commission for the purchases you may make. Plan your trip along with the malls you want to visit. Be firm when informing the driver of your choices.

  1. Have patience

You will see shops both on the shore and in the water. If you are tight on budget, you may avoid shopping from the boat. They sell at a higher price when compared to those on the shore.


Remember, you are here to enjoy. The country offers an astounding array of options to a first-time vacationer.  The best approach is to begin slowly. Give yourself enough time to absorb the atmosphere and enjoy the hospitality of the residents.

Damnoen Saduak Thailand travel is the most amazing experience you can have in your stay abroad. All you need to do is to stay alert and remember these guidelines.

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