Kanchanaburi Tour From Bangkok-Favorite Tourist Spots

Kanchanaburi Tour From Bangkok-Favorite Tourist Spots

Thailand is a true paradise for vacationers all over the world. The country combines the amenities of modern life with the rustic charm of the ancient times. Still, a history enthusiast will prefer Kanchanaburi to any other tourist destination in the region. The place is just a short distance away from Bangkok and is renowned for its World War II documents. Given below are some of the places no vacationer can afford to miss here.

  1. River Kwai

The bridge on River Kwai is the most famous attraction here. This comes as part of the notorious “Death Railway.” History records that it was built by the prisoners of war under Japan. It spreads in an area of 415 KM. The railway line connects Thailand and Myanmar. It helped the Japanese Imperial Army to transport supplies during the East Asian War. It got the name “death railway” because it witnessed numerous atrocities. Records state that more than 106,000 people died here by the time the prisoners completed the construction.

  1. Erawan National Park

This too is an area no tourist can afford to miss. The center of attention here is a waterfall. It is named after Erawan, a Hindu elephant god. Residents believe that the 7-tear fall represents the 3-headed elephant. Don’t forget to climb atop the breast-shaped hill. If you are an explorer, you can spend some time in the four caves.

  1. Elephant trekking

If you are someone who loves elephants, you will definitely enjoy Kanchanaburi River Kwai Elephant Programs. Ride on the back of the animal, feed it or have a bath along with it. However, know that it is a family owned elephant farm with just four elephants in its care. The operator does not entertain more than eight tourists at a time. Book in advance to be able to spend some time with these intelligent and gentle creatures. Here, you will learn how to feed the animal and communicate with it. Choose from the six options offered. The first choice is a half-day tour. The others are tailor-made as per the requirements of the vacationer. Being friends with an elephant is an experience no one will forget in life.

  1. Bamboo rafting

Bamboo rafting is another excitement kept in store for you here. A ride on a private bamboo raft is as part of your morning tour in the river. Enjoy a silent ride along with the flow of the river. You can also enjoy swimming in the pure water. Just allow nature to push you from a raft. See to it that you are wearing a safety jacket during your time here.

Kanchanaburi Tour From Bangkok

Kanchanaburi has much to offer than the destinations described here. The wildlife sanctuary, the tiger temple and the museum are just a few among them. Transportation here is highly advanced and the means offered here are budget-friendly. However, learning social etiquettes here is a daunting task. The practical thing to do is to hire a reputed tour operator.

Book a Kanchanaburi Tour From Bangkok. It is the best choice for those looking for a budget-friendly and exciting vacation!

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