Muay Thai Fighting Live Show



♥ Watch live Muay Thai at the oldest and greatest boxing stadium in Thailand

♥ Get a close-up views of Muay Thai with our VIP ringside seat

♥ Take photos with Thai Boxer and keep it as one of your best memories

♥ Private transfer from your hotel and back


Have heard so much about Muay Thai and wanna see it for yourself? Then this program is definitely for you! You’ll get to watch live Muay Thai in the best VIP seats reserved for you at the oldest and greatest boxing stadium in Thailand. Get excited with the real fights of Muay Thai and learn Thai culture martial arts at the same time. When the show ends, you can even take photo with Thai boxers to keep it as a memorable event. We also have private transfer from your hotel to the stadium and back to the hotel.

Program Detail:

Take a VIP ringside seat at a Muay Thai match at Bangkok’s Rajdamnoen Stadium. You’ll be up close to the action as you watch the centuries-old martial art of Thai kickboxing

  • Art of Muay Thai: Thai hereditary distinguished Art of Fighting which succeed for along centuries is Muay Thai. Usually fighters have to use their parts of the body to defend such as hands, feet, knees elbows and head, which is known as “Nawa Awut” (Nine weapons). Furthermore, to be the most efficient they need to combine with souls, spirits, incantations, musics, literatures, virtues and manners.
  • Art of fighting tradition: A great tradition of muay thai is paying respect to teachers, who give love, kindness and knowledge of science and art of fighting which is called “Wai Kroo”. It is highly respect as their parents.
– Time 17.00PM-22.00PM


-Private transfer from hotel to boxing stadium and return

-Ringside seat

-Special services for taking photography with boxer for a memorable event (free of charge)


-Other personal expenses



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Activity type : Daily Activity
Activity Time : 17.00PM-22.00PM
Duration : 5 hours
Maximum number of people : 15
Venue Facilities : VIP Seat
Cancellation : Cancellation within 3 Day(s) before the date of arrival 70% will be charged.
Not Available
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