Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Tourist Guide

Northern Thailand’s famous getaway is filled with joyous embrace of culture, while maintaining an accessible nature of being cool, calm, and relaxed. A stark contrast from the nation’s capital, Chiang Mai is filled with impressive monuments, passionate people, and a great variety of experiences to be had. We’ve gathered our favorite tourist destinations together for a vacation that will inspire and impress.


Doi Suthep

The world famous mountain of Chiang Mai and its temple perched at the top is a must and should probably be done at the beginning of any tour package. Be sure to come prepared for your mountain trek, with the proper attire and supplies to make yourself comfortable and allow you to better focus on the beautiful surroundings.

Khantoke Dinner

If you’re looking for a night of great food and entertainment all under one roof, then this is the best place to be. Both the people and the surroundings are all beautiful and the restaurant goes out of their way to make you feel at-home and satisfied. If you come here, be sure to have an appetite, the buffet-style food flows to your table until you say stop.

Mae Tang Park

If you’re a lover of elephants, your dreams will come true in Mae Tang, as you get to be up close and personal with these majestic creatures and ride them for a true understanding of the power and surprising grace. The caretakers take great pride in how they treat their animals and this special park.

Additional Activities

For more adventure in Chiang Mai, you can try out some road trips around the Mae Hong Son Loop, which spans over 600 kilometers of road, covering some of the most breath-taking vistas in the country. Or, if you want the best view of Thailand from above, you can jump on a hot air balloon ride provided by Balloon Adventure Thailand.
Couples can enjoy some more outdoors activities at Doi Inthanon National Park, where trekking and cave exploration are popular. Top off your night with crystal-clear stargazing opportunities in the nearby lodging. Doi Pha Hom Pok is another great spot to enjoy slow-paced adventure, where you will find a bird sanctuary filled with tons of tropical native species flying all around you.
No Shortage of Fun

Plan ahead for your trip to Chiang Mai, because there is just so much there to see and do, you will find it difficult to even cover a handful of the popular tourist spots in one day. We recommend splitting up a comprehensive tour guide offering over the span of three days. One day for the historic landmarks and temples, another for sightseeing the amazing landscapes, and one last day to slow the pace down to enjoy the shopping and restaurant offerings like a local.
Thailand is a special place, even doing normal activities like shopping is a unique experience because of the colorful personalities and warm atmosphere that keeps tourists coming back for more.